Recharge energy. For people and devices.

Shade for your guests, energy for your devices. is a Berlin-based company in foundation. Our aim is to develop the solar shade into a market-ready product and distribute it worldwide. We have an international patent pending for the construction. Our team of strategists, engineers and designers is currently working on the product, which – we are convinced – is a sustainable solution.

Technical specifications

Weight | 60 kg
Dimensions | 400 x 400 x 320 cm (open), 
400 x 400 x 400 cm (closed), telescopic,
4 m octagonal

Collector Surface | 2 qm
Solar Cells Monocrystalline | 320 W / p
Power Outlet | 12 V
Solar Battery | 120 Ah
Charger | PWM / MPPT 30 A 
incl. Charge Level Indicator 12 V plug

Get connected with provides clean solar power and WIFI to your guests and their devices. Anywhere.

Wireless and green. Connect your space to the future. Offer your guests a WI-FI connection and USB energy support for their devices. is a sunshade that combines many advantages

  • provides shade from the sun in the daytime and gives light in the nighttime
  • connects you to the internet
  • generates green power to charge your devices, e.g. phones, tablets, e-bikes, cools your drinks or sound – you name it!

If you want to become a partner – in terms of sales, invests or as strategic cooperation – you are welcome!